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If your answer is negative, explain the reason (with number of question) on the part of “Referees’ Consideration”, please.


1. Is the title short and complete                   Yes No 

  1. Is the concept of title clear?           Yes No


3. Is the content of abstract fit to this study?   Yes No      


       4.Are there indications to histories of study (agree and disagree comments) in the article?           Yes No         

5. Is the method defined correctly?   Yes No          

6. If there are sampling in the study, they have been explained completely and they carry the validity. Yes No      

7.  Is the data-collection method is fit to the study?    Yes No           

8. Are the Inclusion and Exclusion criteria fit to the study?    Yes No      

9.  Is there conformation between results and the study purposes?   Yes No      

Tables& Figures

10. Are the title of tables and figures clear and conforming their date?   Yes No      


       11.Is the discussion is related to the results?   Yes No    

Related to similar studies:

12. Just has been focused on noting agree-comments to the results.  Yes No      

13. The serious plagiarism was not found in the text. Yes No

Referee’s considerations: ……….

 14. Are the references related to the subject?   Yes No  


  • This article is suitable for publishing (without applying changes).   
  • This article is suitable for publishing (with little changes).               
  • This article is suitable for publishing (with moderate changes).        
  • This article is suitable for publishing (with large changes).               
  • This article is not suitable for publishing.                                          

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