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Reviewers' Guidlines

 | Post date: 2019/05/23 | 
Reviewers Guidelines & Responsibilities
Double-Blind Peer Review Process:
Once a manuscript is considered appropriate by the Editor-in-Chief, based on the scope of the Iranian Journal of Toxicology (IJT) and the results of plagiarism check (iThenticate), the journal follows a double-blind peer review process. The journal strongly believes that a thorough peer review process ensures quality publications that are integral to the dissemination of new knowledge within the scientific community.
Reviewer Software Requirements
Reviewers must have word processing programs such as MS Word or Word Perfect. In addition they need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (a PDF reader) installed on their systems. If needed, Acrobat Reader can be downloaded at the following address: http://get.adobe.com/reader.
Receiving Reviewer Invitations
Invitations will be sent to reviewers from the IJT’s Editorial Office by E-mail. When invited to review a manuscript, the reviewer will need to indicate whether the invitation will be accepted or declined. The Journal’s method of communicating with its reviewers is currently by direct E-mailing. However, IJT is in the process of setting up a webpage to facilitate communication with reviewers. Once the webpage is ready, the journal will inform the reviewers of the fact and will provide tutorial on the webpage to guide them as to the requirements for completing their assignments.
Submitting a Review
Once a reviewer has agreed to an assignment, he/she needs to submit the completed review the deadline as advised by the Editorial Office. The reviewer also needs to complete the Review Form, sign and date it, and send it as an attachment to the Editorial Office by E-mail. The Review Form is for the purpose of rating the merits of the manuscript as to declaring acceptance or rejection for its publication.  In situations when the reviewers feel unable to complete thorough reviews due to lack of relevant expertise, or becoming aware of conflict of interests, they are strongly advised to notify the Editor and decline the assignment. Reviewers will also receive the author’s response to their comments through the Editorial Office.
Reviewers may also wish to send additional files, such as images or related materials appropriate to the review, to the Editorial Office for sharing with the authors and/or the Editor. The attachments can help authors to improve upon their submissions or aid the Editor in reaching a decision for or against accepting the manuscript for publication.
Repeated Reviews
The Editor-in-Chief may choose to repeat a submitted review if information is missing or there is a need for further clarification. When a review is re-opened an invitation will be sent to another reviewer, requesting for an independent review to be completed on the manuscript despite the previous review.

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