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Corrections, Retractions and Editorial Expressions of Concern

 | Post date: 2020/09/20 | 
Correction of an Article: Both the IJT management and Arak University of Medical Sciences are strongly committed to maintaining the integrity and correctness of the published articles. There are times, e.g., reported facts to the editor, when a certain statement or finding in an article needs to be corrected or revised. Otherwise the conclusions of the article may not hold true. The process to rectify the incorrect statement is as follows:
  • The editor will notify the authors of the issue, and will give them the opportunity to correct or amend the incorrect statement as identified in their article.
  • The editor will ask the authors to revise the incorrect statement, and the corrected article will be reposted on the journal’s website as soon as it has been returned to the editor.
  • The editor will post an additional statement on the journal’s website, notifying the readership of the correction made in the specified article.   
Retraction of an Article: There are occasions when it is necessary to retract an article, such as the following situations:
  • If there is a major scientific error, which invalidates the conclusions of the article.
  • If the findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper cross-referencing, permission or justification.
  • If issues of unethical nature have been received or reported.
Consistent with the COPE guidelines, IJT observes the following retraction process:
  • The Journal Editor-in-Chief is notified of a potential retraction by a concerned individual.
  • The editor will follow the COPE guidelines after having discussed the issue with the author.
  • The final decision as to retract is communicated to the authors and the institution.
  • The retraction notification will be posted on the IJT website.
  • The authors’ complaint may be submitted to the journal Editor-in-Chief.
  • The final fair decision is reached by the editor in consultation with the Editorial Board.
Expressions of Concern: The journal editor may issue a “Notice of Concern” to the readership if he/she has strong reasons about some misleading information in a published article. Ideally, such a notice should only be issued if an investigation into the concern failed to reach a concrete judgment, or if there are still reasons that the concerns are valid. In these cases, the editor should be aware that a Notice of Concern can impact the authors’ reputation as badly as a retraction. Therefore, the editor may wait for a definitive judgment before he/she goes ahead with publishing the article or retracting it. 

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