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The Iranian Journal of Toxicology  is a scientific, peer–reviewed, multidisciplinary and international  journal, with open access online and full-text articles.

Publisher: Arak University of Medical Sciences in collaboration with the Iranian Society of Toxicology

Chairman: Dr. Mohammad Jamalian
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Hassan Solhi 
Executive Manager: Dr. Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaei 
Associate Editors:
Dr. Ali Cyrus: Associate Professor of Urology, Arak University of Medical Sciences. Arak, Iran
Dr. Amir Mohammad Kazemifar: Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences. Qazvin, Iran
Dr. Kamran Tavakol: School of Medicine, University of Maryland Baltimore. Baltimore, MD, USA

Adminstrative Assistant: Ms. Sima Hamidi

Peer-reviewed Process: The Iranian Journal of Toxicology is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary and international journal, accessible online in full-text to all interested individuals. All submissions will be acknowledged upon receipt by the Jour­nal, provided that all stated requirements are met. Based on the Journal’s review policy, a large number of initial submissions are returned to the authors for revisions due to issues with the contents, scope, and experimental or clinical outcomes. The review process takes about two weeks and the authors will be notified of the Editor’s final decision. The first step involves a thorough initial review of the manu­script by 2-3 experts in the field, which determines whether the article is acceptable for publication or requires minor or major revisions. Upon receipt of the re­vised articles from the au­thors and after a fi­nal ap­proval by the reviewers, the articles will be checked for plagiarism, using Smallseotools software ( At this point, an ac­cep­tance letter will be sent to the corresponding author. Authors have the right to communicate with the Editor if they do not wish their manu­script reviewed by a par­ticular reviewer be­cause of potential con­flict of inter­est. The authors may also suggest the names of potential reviewers; however, it is up to the Editor to consider the nominations. No submission is rejected unless nega­tive comments are re­ceived from at least two or more reviewers.

There is no charge to publish articles in the Iranian Journal of Toxicology.


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