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‎15th Iranian Congress of Toxicology

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Tuesday to Friday, November 19 to 22, 2019
School of Pharmacy, Sahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences & Health Services.
Tehran, Iran.   Phone:  +98-21-8820-0087
The main aim of this Congress is to share new ideas and technologies on various toxicology perspectives with health professionals, medical and pharmacy students, and industries. We have developed the programs with your scientific interests in mind. We hope this Congress will be a major and memorable scientific event to enhance your professional life.
Presentations include the following topics:
  • Clinical, analytical, molecular, forensic, food and genetic toxicology.
  • Industrial, occupational and pharmaceutical, and veterinary toxicology.
  • Risk assessment, drug abuse and addiction.
  • Epidemiology of poisoning and chemical warfare agents.
All congress proceedings and presentations are indexed in both the Civilica database and the Iranian Consortium of National Contents (ICNC).
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