Iranian Journal of Toxicology- Copyright & Journal’s Financial Policies
Copyright & Journal’s Financial Policies

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The Iranian Journal of Toxicology (IJT) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, and its website is available to the public at:
Permission is not required for copying and republication of scientific materials from the IJT website; however, the original source should always be acknowledged. 
This is an open-access journal and the contents of which are freely available to the users and their academic institutions in accordance with the definitions
established by Digital Open Access Identifier (DOAI).

Journal’s Financial Policies
 Article Processing Charges: As the sole owner and publisher, Arak University of Medical Sciences supports all publication expenses of the Iranian Journal of Toxicology (IJT). Therefore, it does not charge any article processing fees for the normal peer reviews, editing, and publication of the submitted and accepted manuscripts. However, manuscripts that require extensive structural revisions are either rejected or referred to independent, outside editorial services at the authors’ consent. These agencies charge fees for their services and are outside the IJT’s administrative authority.  
Subscription: This Journal is an electronic, open-access publication and there is no subscription fee for users of its website at
Advertisements: Based on the Journal’s administrative policies, IJT does not publish or accept commercial advertisements on its website and throughout the articles. The Journal; however, publishes professional news, directly relevant to medical and pharmaceutical research and development at its discretion.
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