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Reviewers Responsibilities

 | Post date: 2019/11/29 | 
  • Reviewers are the main journal’s officials who contribute to the peer-reviewed process. They may not disclose their identity to the authors by any means. 
  • A reviewer should immediately decline to review a submission if he/she feels that the article is technically not qualified or if the timely review cannot be completed by him/her or if the work has conflict of interest(s).
  • All submissions should be treated fairly and confidentially, and editorial approval may be given for any outside person’s advice received.
  • No reviewer should pass on the article submitted to him/her for review to another reviewer in his own concern, it should be declined immediately.
  • Reviewers being the base of the whole quality process should ensure that the articles published should be of high quality and original work. They may inform the Editor if they find an article submitted for review is under consideration in another publication.
  • The acceptance or rejection of a submission is based on the reviewer’s comments, which are the major decision making elements in a double-blind and peer-review process.
  • The review process of any article is normally based on a case-by-case basis, considering the worthiness, quality, and originality of the submission.  In general, the following must be checked in a submission:
    • The general structure of the article and its consistency with the journal’s author guidelines.
    • Suitability of the submission to the general readership of the journal.
    • The introduction and the purpose or objective of the article is clearly articulated.
    • The methods, results, discussion and conclusions are provided appropriately.
    • Adequate references are provided to substantiate the manuscript contents.
    • Error-free grammar, punctuation and spelling are evident.
    • There is no plagiarism issue evident, based on the processing of the submission by iThenticate software and feedback from the reviewers.

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